FREE Intro Art Course – Lesson 1


FREE – The first of five introductory lessons that will guide you on your first steps of a journey of self-discovery, and learning how to find the beauty in everything around you through art.

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Art Course
With Ginger Gilmour

Let's walk a new path together, using the medium I love best. Art is an expression of the beauty around us, the vibrancy of the world's colour and shows the true soul and nature of all things. I am ready to guide you to learn the skills I adopt in my artistic expression. First comes love, passion and the vision of how we view the world. Then comes the brush, an extension of ourselves to recreate and capture that which surrounds us.


Ginger Gilmour's Art Course: Lesson 1

A FREE downloadable introduction to learning Art with Ginger.


After purchase, you will be provided with the course material. If you enjoy the lesson, please see our shop for the rest of the course.

Additional information

Session Type

FREE Introductory Art Lesson

Artist & Teacher

Ginger Gilmour


Downloadable Art Course


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