About Ginger

I am a contemporary artist with a vision to create forms and environments that touch the heart of the community with beauty and tranquillity – qualities which throughout time have served to uplift our spirits  and restore peace of mind.


March 2020 – July 2021

COVID isolation: during which I painted and developed an online presence on social media including Lessons in the ‘Art of Creativity thru Beauty’, ‘Colour of Thought’, ‘Creating Live’ & Weekly Streaming re: Creativity and Self-Awareness’ All videos available on YouTube.

July 28 2018
‘Art of Imagination’ Workshop
Given by Ginger @GingerART Studio, Littlehampton, UK

July 14-29 2018
Solo Exhibition: ‘Healing Art’
At Littlehampton Healing Center: part of the Littlehampton Arts Festival organized by LOCA

May 18 2018
Radio Interview ‘The World in View’
with Bernadette & Stan Phillips

March 11-April 22 2018
Co-exhibition: ‘BRIGHTSIDE of ART-The Return of Beauty’
Landkriesgalerie, Castle Newburg, Germany

December 3 2017
Guest Speaker: ‘BEING YOU from Chaos to Harmony’
at Holywell Mucisc Room, Oxford: organized by Inner Space.org in affiliation with Brahma Kumaris.

October 20 2017-February 2018
Co-exhibition: ‘Sixtyfive Art & Friends’
Viechtach, Germany

July 19-23 2017
Installation: ‘The Swimmer’
at District Council: part of the Littlehampton Arts Festival organized by LOCA.

February 16 2017
Guest Speaker

January 2017
Guest Speaker ‘The Song of Creativity’
At University of Northampton, UK

September 3 2016

August 27-29 2016
Co-Exhibition: PEACE in the PARK: The FESTIVAL of SPIRIT
at the Global Retreat Centre, Nuneham Park, Oxon, UK

July 19-23 2016
Exhibition & Book Launch at East Beach Café
Part of the Littlehampton Arts Festival organized by LOCA

May 23-October 2016
Annual Exhibition: Sausmarex Manor Art Park, Sausmarex Rd, St Martin, Guernsey, UK

January 2016
Illustration for album ‘THE GREY’
Matthew Gilmour’s ‘The Grey’ produced by Danny Johnson of Steppenwolf; mastered by James Guthrie

November 2015
Charity Auction raising funds for Willow Charity to give special days for the terminally ill

May 23-October 2015
Annual Exhibition:

December 2014-September 2016
Memoirs of the Bright Side of the Moon
Written and self-published autobiography

November 2014
Charity Auction raising funds for Willow Charity to give special days for the terminally ill

November 8-11 2014
Ginger painted an acoustic guitar donated by Carparelli Guitars to raise funds for War Child at Bonhams, NYC, USA

May 23-October 2014
Sausmarex Manor Art Park, Sausmarex Rd, St Martin, Guernsey, UK

May 2013
BRIGHTON OPEN HOUSE: ‘Step into the Light’
co-Exhibition: The Holistic Art House: Ginger exhibited with four other female artists and they were nominated out of 250 houses to be in the top three for the Best Art House in the 2013 Brighton Art Festival

May 23-October 2013
Annual Exhibition: Sausmarex Manor Art Park, Sausmarex Rd, St Martin, Guernsey, UK

November 2012
Mind, Body, Spirit Event: with Lorna Byrne
Ginger exhibited three angels on stage; ‘Angel of Might’ & 2 ‘Angel of Compassion’; Regents House, London, UK

November 2013
The Art of Ginger Gilmour-‘Art of Relationship’
Published by Ali Meamar on MagCloud

November 2012
Apnea Evolution Event: Venice, Italy
Ginger gave a presentation ‘WE ARE the SEA’ to 400 school children, teachers & government officials to aid a ‘Charter for the Sea’.

September 2012
UN International Day of Peace Conference: A Celebration of sustainable Peace for a sustainable Future: What Can We Do?
Rights & Humanity Conference venue the “Light’, Royal Liver Bldg., Liverpool, UK: Ginger spoke on the ‘Beauty of Peace’.

July 2012
Arundel Castle Olympic Torch Relay Event
Ginger was invited to showcase her Olympic Artwork and was part of the Steering Group organizing the event. She inspired the singing of the song “Aspire to Inspire’ written and composed by Colin Martin by the local Arun schools. Arundel, West Sussex, UK

February 16 2012
‘Flame of Spirit’ is moved to the gallery from airside, Heathrow Airport, T5, UK

October 2010-July 2012
Ginger’s Olympic Artwork on Exhibit & for sale; portion of sales donated to Paralympic Assoc. & young athletes. Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5,

March 2009
Lloyd’s TSB For the Journey to London 2012”: Co-Exhibition: ‘Art of Olympic and Paralympic Sports’
Fund-raising for British Olympic Assoc. and British Paralympic Assoc., Bristol, UK

May 2008
Summer Exhibition-‘The Angel and the Absence of Time’ Co-Exhibition
Cassiel Art Gallery, Rye, W Sussex, England

April 2008
Lloyd’s TSB-“For the Journey to London 2012”: Co-Exhibition: ‘Art of Olympic and Paralympic Sports’
Fund-raising for British Olympic Assoc. and British Paralympic Assoc., Grosvenor House, London

October 2007
Exhibition-Sacred Relationships: Co-Exhibition
Art People: Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA

August 2007
Exhibition-Lloyd’s Private Banking
Fund-raising for Barnardos Charity, Edinburgh Festival, Scotland

July 2007-October 2007
Exhibition-Arundel Castle Grounds
Eight large sculptures exhibited, plus, Humanity Series part of Arundel Gallery Trail

June 2007
Exhibition-UBS Evening at Wallace Collection
Fund-raising exhibition for ‘Looking for Change’, a school-based art programme which UBS is running in partnership with Tate

June 2007
Two Installations ‘Coming Together’-Red Cross Gala Fund-raising Ball ‘East Meets West’
Main Installation-two stories high including suspended angel; Third year on committee; Received British Red Cross Award for ‘Services to Humanity’, Old Billingsgate, London, England

June 2007
Exhibition: Society of Women Artists
Two sculptures submitted and accepted: Mall Galleries, The Mall, London-www.society-women-artists.org.uk

February 2007
Exhibition-Lloyd’s/Bentley Evening: Fund-raising exhibition for Barnardos Charity
Pulborough, West Sussex, England

September 2006
2007 Exhibition: Co-exhibition ‘Three Women, Three Artists’
Institute of Noetic Sciences founded by Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut; Petaluma, California, USA

June 2006
Exhibition: Society of Women Artists
Three sculptures accepted; ‘Song of Woman’ received Talisman award for sculpture; Mall Galleries, The Mall, London-www.society-women-artists.org.uk

June 2006
Red Cross Fund Raising Gala Ball Committee
Second year on committee; London, England

May 2006
RHS ChelseaFlower Show-Stall
Sculptural Terrace Design: Received Certificate of Commendation for outstanding presentation, London, England

April 2006
Exhibition: Inspirational Arts Festival
Premier of new seven-foot glass winged sculpture ‘In Unity’, plus, four other sculptures, 20th Century Theatre, London

March 2006
Spiritual Tides Festival-Environmental and Holistic Living Event
Exhibition of ‘Dolphina’, ‘Angel of Might’, ‘Lovers’, Mother & Child’, Kent Showground, Maidstone, Kent

January 2006
Red Cross Committee Membership ‘A Celebration of Humanity’
Gala Ball in June 2006 :

June 2005
Exhibition: Society of Women Artists
Three sculptures accepted; Mall Galleries, The Mall, London-www.society-women-artists.org.uk

December 2005
Exhibition and Set Design: Ballet ‘In the Tracks of Hercules’
Created 13 six foot sculptural paintings and masks for Ballet, plus exhibited other sculptures ‘Heaven’, ‘Imagine-Disciples on the Path’, Wathan Hall, Barnes, London

November 2005
Art for Humanity: Red Cross Auction Donation, ‘Angel of Might’
Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany, London.

October 2004
Installation: Mind Body & Spirit Festival
Contemplation: Visualize World Peace’, Amex Center, Manchester-www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk

August 2004
Exhibition: Arundel Arts Festival; ‘Aeriel’
An eight foot bronze sculpture placed in the grounds of the Cathedral: separate exhibition of other sculptures depicting our ‘Divine Relationships’ and furniture in the Parish Rooms, Arundel, West sussex-www.arundelgallerytrail.co.uk

June 2004
Exhibition: Society of Women Artists
Four sculptures accepted; received an associate membership to society; Mall Galleries, The Mall, Londonwww. society-women-artists.org.uk

May 2004
Installation: Mind Body & Spirit Festival; ‘Contemplation: Visualize World Peace’ and ‘Guardian of Humanity’
Royal Horitcultural Hall, London www.mindbodyspirit.co.

April-May 2004
Exhibition; Brighton Arts Festival; 20 sculptures; Installation: ‘Guardian of Humanity’
Christopher Gull, Ship Street, Brighton

December 2003
Installation; International Dolphin Watch Convention
‘Dolphina’, a eight-foot sculpture; Exhibition: sculptures-‘Guardian of Humanity’; Installation in Chapel ‘Aeriel’; Open University, Milton keynes-www.idw.org

June-July 2003
Oxmarket Center of Arts, Chichester, West Sussex-www.oxmarket.com.

May 2003
Commission:’The Mighty Oak Award’
Created for Soroptimist International of the Verdugos-presented to Hayley Mills as a Woman of Distinction 2003 www.caminorealregion.org.

March 2000-2002
House & Garden design project
Old Bilsham Farmhouse and six studios’-complete renovation and additional, sculptural environments-self-executed; ie interior design, wall reliefs, wood-panel sculpture, lamps, 7 foot angel placed on the apex of gallery-hallway and other installations, including garden and pond design-www.gingerart.net

May 1999
Exhibition:’Song of Woman’
Exhibited within group exhibition, Chequer Meade, East Grinstead, West Sussex

March 1999
Illustration: ‘Staying Awake Forever’
Phil Murray, Perfect Words and Music Ltd.-cover design; painting ‘Solar Eclipse’, fifteen illustrations.

December 1998
Event conception, design & project manager: ‘Christmas Fair’, Michael Hall School, Forest Row, West Sussex
Organizing coordinator, graphics designer for merchandizing and marketing, individual set designs, window artwork and life-size angel for storytelling room.

May 1996
Illustration: ‘Before the Beginning is a Thought’, Phil Murray, Perfect Words and Music Ltd.-cover design
Painting ‘Box of Illusions’; Russian edition,

April 1994
Illustration: ‘Before the beginning is a thought’, Phil Murray,Perfect Words and Music Ltd.-cover design
Painting ‘The Moment of Creation’, ‘pac’ of cards and 5 additional illustrations

December 1992
Exhibition: Wholelife Exposition
Los Angeles, California, USAexhibition of paintings

July 1989
Illustration: ‘Under the Mango Tree’, Miriam Freedman
Astoria Publications-cover and 16 additional illustrations

December 1989
Event conception & project manager: ‘Christmas Carol Fantasy’, charitable event
Westminster Central Hall, London, England-concept designer, producer, graphic designer for merchandizing.

August 1988
Illustration: ‘Reflections on the Quest’
R. M. Wildego and J. G. Miller, Vantage Press, Inc., NY, NY-cover and 8 additional illustrations

March-April 1987
Exhibition: one woman exhibition-‘An Affair of the Heart’
Themes and Variations Gallery, London, England


September-June 1998-2002
Rudolf Steiner Sculpture studies
West Hoathley, West Sussex, England

September-June 1983-1990
Life drawing with Cecil Collins
City Lit, London, England

January 1989-1991
Jungian analyst
With Mrs Dr Adler, London

September-December 1988-1989
Jungian analyst
With Dr Gerhard Adler, London

December-July 1988
Jungian analyst
With Dr Werner Engel, NYC

September-June 1988-1995
Mental Colour Therapy
With Lily Cornford; further teacher’s training; taught and practiced in center in Kilburn, Switzerland, Italy, Houston ( USA) and in my home until present. Trustee of the Mental Colour School of Healing.

Michigan State University
Foundational course in Chemical Engineering and Art High School Education 1962-1966 Wayne High School, Wayne, Michigan, USA-graduated Cum Laude

Primary Education
Various elementary schools, U.S.A.

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